- ALOUETTE 1 (S-27) ALOUETTE 1 (S-27)
Object Name ALOUETTE 1 (S-27)
Object Full Name -
Norad ID 424
Cospar ID 1962-049A
Object Type Satellite
Object Status -
Object Class -
End of Life -

Alouette 1 was a small ionospheric observatory instrumented with an ionospheric sounder, a VLF receiver, an energetic particle detector, and a cosmic noise experiment. Extended from the satellite shell were two dipole antennas (45.7 m and 22.8 m long, respectively) which were shared by three of the experiments on the spacecraft. The satellite was spin-stabilized at about 1.4 rpm after antenna extension. After about 500 days, the spin slowed more than had been expected, to about 0.6 rpm when satellite spin-stabilization failed. It is believed that the satellite gradually progressed toward a gravity gradient stabilization with the longer antenna pointing earthward. Attitude information was deduced only from a single magnetometer and temperature measurements on the upper and lower heat shields. Attitude determination could have been in error by as much as 10 degrees. There was no tape recorder, so data were available only from the vicinity of telemetry stations. Telemetry stations were located to provide primary data coverage near the 80 degree W meridian and in areas near Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, Europe, and Central Africa. Initially, data were recorded for about six hours per day. In September 1972, spacecraft operations were terminated. A data restoration effort began in the late nineties and successfully saved a considerable portion of the high-resolution data before the telemetry tapes were discarded. More information about this effort and access to the data on CDAWeb be found at

Launch Date 1962-09-29
Decay Date -
Launch Vehicle -
Launch Site Air Force Western Test Range, California, USA
Launch Provider -
Launch Provider Country -
Launch Mass -
Dry Mass -
User -
Mission -
Mission Detail -
Country of Registry -
Programme -
Operator -
Country of Operator Canada
Contractor -
Country of Contractor -
Payload Contractor -
Payload Contractor Country -
Orbit Status Earth Orbit
Orbit -
Orbit Type -
Period: 105.2 min
Inclination: 80.5°
Apogee: 1019.0 km
Perigee: 985.0 km
Longitude of Geo -
Payload -
Platform -
Propulsion -
Propulsion Type -
Life Time -
Power -
Budget -
Call Sign -
Beacon -
RCS 1.0800 m²
References -
Pass Time


Angular Momentum: -
Eccentricity: -
Inclination: -
Argument of Perigee: -
True Anomaly: -
Period: -
Semi-Major Axis: -
Perigee: -
Apogee: -
Mean Motion: -
Mean Anomaly: -

Latitude: -
Longitude: -
Altitude: -
Speed: -
Azimuth: -
Elevation: -
Range: -