OPS 3674 (VELA 4)
- OPS 3674 (VELA 4) OPS 3674 (VELA 4)
Object Name OPS 3674 (VELA 4)
Object Full Name -
Norad ID 837
Cospar ID 1964-040B
Object Type Satellite
Object Status -
Object Class -
End of Life -

Vela 2B was one of two spin-stabilized (2 rev/sec) 144-kg satellites comprising the second launch in a series of six Vela launches. The orbits of the two satellites on each launch were basically circular at about 17 earth radii and were spaced 180 deg apart. Their objectives were to monitor nuclear weapons explosions in space and to study x-rays, gamma-rays, neutrons, magnetic fields, and charged particles over a wide range of energies from solar wind to cosmic ray as the satellites passed through interplanetary space, the bow shock, the magnetosheath, and the magentotail. The satellite operated in either a real-time mode (one data frame/sec) or a memory store mode (one data frame every 256 sec). The spacecraft operated in the real-time mode about 40 percent of the time and in the store mode for the rest of the time unitl the next Vela launch. At this time, tracking priority was given to the new spacecraft, and the older spacecraft operated in the store mode only. There had been less and less data coverage of these satellites with each succeeding launch.

Launch Date 1964-07-17
Decay Date -
Launch Vehicle -
Launch Site Air Force Eastern Test Range, Florida, USA
Launch Provider -
Launch Provider Country -
Launch Mass -
Dry Mass -
User -
Mission -
Mission Detail -
Country of Registry -
Programme -
Operator -
Country of Operator United States
Contractor -
Country of Contractor -
Payload Contractor -
Payload Contractor Country -
Orbit Status Earth Orbit
Orbit -
Orbit Type -
Period: 6000.3 min
Inclination: 48.0°
Apogee: 140571.0 km
Perigee: 65434.0 km
Longitude of Geo -
Payload -
Platform -
Propulsion -
Propulsion Type -
Life Time -
Power -
Budget -
Call Sign -
Beacon -
RCS 0.0030 m²
References -
Pass Time


Angular Momentum: -
Eccentricity: -
Inclination: -
Argument of Perigee: -
True Anomaly: -
Period: -
Semi-Major Axis: -
Perigee: -
Apogee: -
Mean Motion: -
Mean Anomaly: -

Latitude: -
Longitude: -
Altitude: -
Speed: -
Azimuth: -
Elevation: -
Range: -