OPS 5798 (TRANSIT 5B-4)
- OPS 5798 (TRANSIT 5B-4) OPS 5798 (TRANSIT 5B-4)
Object Name OPS 5798 (TRANSIT 5B-4)
Object Full Name -
Norad ID 897
Cospar ID 1964-063B
Object Type Satellite
Object Status -
Object Class -
End of Life -

Transit 5B4 was a US Navy navigation satellite launched by a Thor Able Star rocket. Transit, one of the first operational satellite systems, was also know as the Navy Navigation Satellite (NNS). The Transit spacecraft were developed for updating the inertial navigation systems on board US Navy Polaris submarines, and later for civilian use. Transit receivers used the known characteristics of the satellite's orbit, measured the Doppler shift of the satellite's radio signal, and thereby calculated the receivers position on the earth. As a single spacecraft travelled overhead, the user measured the Doppler shift over a 15 minute period by receiving timing marks and satellite orbital information on two separate frequencies, 149.99 and 399.97 MHz. These signals were corrected for ionospheric refraction and the information was then fed into the users navigation system. Individual Transit satellites operated for over 10 years. Technical break- throughs during the program included gravity gradient stabilization, the use of radio-isotope thermoelectic generators (RTG), and navigation satellite technologies later used in the GPS system. Transit was superseded by the Navstar global positioning system. The use of the satellites for navigation was discontinued at the end of 1996 but the satellites continued transmitting and became the Navy Ionospheric Monitoring System (NIMS).

Launch Date 1964-10-06
Decay Date -
Launch Vehicle -
Launch Site Air Force Western Test Range, California, USA
Launch Provider -
Launch Provider Country -
Launch Mass -
Dry Mass -
User -
Mission -
Mission Detail -
Country of Registry -
Programme -
Operator -
Country of Operator United States
Contractor -
Country of Contractor -
Payload Contractor -
Payload Contractor Country -
Orbit Status Earth Orbit
Orbit -
Orbit Type -
Period: 106.4 min
Inclination: 90.2°
Apogee: 1072.0 km
Perigee: 1046.0 km
Longitude of Geo -
Payload -
Platform -
Propulsion -
Propulsion Type -
Life Time -
Power -
Budget -
Call Sign -
Beacon -
RCS 0.5248 m²
References -
Pass Time


Angular Momentum: -
Eccentricity: -
Inclination: -
Argument of Perigee: -
True Anomaly: -
Period: -
Semi-Major Axis: -
Perigee: -
Apogee: -
Mean Motion: -
Mean Anomaly: -

Latitude: -
Longitude: -
Altitude: -
Speed: -
Azimuth: -
Elevation: -
Range: -